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Men’s Accessories: A Guys’ Guide to Style Details

Every wardrobe becomes dominated by classic staple items: the perfect T-shirt, a great pair of jeans, a cool sweater… Men’s accessories are the little details you add that can change the entire dynamic of your outfit. 

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Accessories are meant to breathe new life into your style while showing off a piece of your personality to the world. The best accessories for men can be subtle additions to your look or larger-than-life statement pieces. From hats and sunglasses to watches and jewelry, there really are endless options.

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That said, when beginning to incorporate men’s accessories for the first time, it can be difficult to know where to start. Thankfully, there is a vast range of options, from subtle to bold, that you can easily incorporate into your own personal style.

Here is a breakdown of some great accessories you can easily add to your wardrobe to help breathe life into your favorite outfits.


MackWeldon_Toque (1)

Mack Weldon Cashmere Hat

Stevie Seagrass straw hat with navy trim

Stevie Seagrass Straw Hat

Tilley Bucket Hat in olive

Tilley Iconic Bucket Hat

Hats are one of the more popular accessories for men, but — depending on the style — can be the most difficult to pull off. A good rule of thumb is to keep it simple. If you’re feeling your best self in that sequinned cowboy hat, more power to you, but most people feel more confident in a more subtle option. 

The beanie (also known as a toque), is a great casual hat that keeps you warm and looking fresh. A beanie can look excellent with a plaid button-down, a baseball shirt, and your favorite pair of jeans or chinos. In the cooler months, it looks great with a turtleneck and a peacoat, a classic look that never goes out of style. The Mack Weldon Cashmere beanie is simple, stylish, and, well, cashmere! If you’re gonna accessorize, top quality materials are the way to go. 

Straw hats are light, breathable, and always make an impression. The Yellow 108 Stevie Seagrass hat is made from 100% seagrass, is environmentally friendly, and contains no plastic. It’s a great hat that works perfectly for a stylish day at the beach and can also be part of a scaled-up casual evening look.

These days, the bucket hat is back in full force. Even Lady Gaga is wondering why everyone is so obsessed with this style (while sporting it herself). The wide brim makes it a great summer style for staying shaded from the sun, and many brands offer drawstring options for windy weather. Tilley knows hats, and the Tilley Iconic Bucket Hat is a classic, quality accessory that is made even better by the company’s “Guaranteed For Life” policy.


J+S Classic Aviators in black

J+S Classic Aviators

Quay Nightfall Sunglasses

Quay Nightfall Sunglasses

Persol Steve McQueen folding sunglasses

Persol Steve McQueen Folding Sunglasses in Caffè

Sunglasses are a simple and useful accessory that should be a part of every man’s wardrobe. Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, and polarized sunglasses also reduce glare and bright lights so you can see better.  A great pair of sunglasses is not only functional, but also looks fantastic and pairs well with any outfit.

Aviators are a classic and subtle pair of sunglasses that you can wear anywhere. The classic men’s accessory is defined by its minimalist metallic frame and large circular lenses. One affordable and stylish option is the J+S Classic Aviators.

Looking for something a bit more daring? The oversized, square-shaped Quay Nightfall sunglasses are just that. The one-piece lens comes in a few different options, but we recommend checking out the polarized black colorway. They make a statement while protecting your eyes.

If you’re looking for a timeless pair of sunglasses, you can’t go wrong with Persol’s Steve McQueen Folding Sunglasses. Steve McQueen was known as the “King of Cool,” and these glasses will give your look a touch of that rebellious, effortlessly cool vibe.


Casio GShock GBA800 watch

Casio G-Shock GBA800

Q Timex Watch

Q Timex Reissue 

Swatch Watch Big Bold Chrono

Swatch Big Bold Chrono

Watches are not only functional timepieces — they’re status symbols and a reflection of the wearer’s unique style. There are so many style options in this category that it might seem overwhelming, but that’s part of the fun. Sure, elite watch brands like Rolex and Tag Heuer can set you back tens of thousands of dollars, but the good news is that it’s also quite easy to find amazing options under $500, and even under $200

The sporty Casio G-shock is renowned for being one of the toughest watches out there. It’s shock-resistant, water-resistant, and looks great too. Celebrity fans of this bad boy include Kanye, Spike Lee and Rihanna. 

The Q Timex Reissue is a modern, updated take on your grandfather’s watch. It’s functional, elegant, and affordable. It even has a day and date window. You really can’t go wrong with this quartz beauty.

The Swatch Big Bold Chrono “Checkpoint Golden” is eye-catching and modern. This matte black and gold model will spice up any outfit, from jeans and a T-shirt to your best suit. If the black and gold isn’t for you, Swatch offers a variety of other colors and patterns to choose from, from desert camo to pure white.

Face Masks

Atelier XIX denim face mask

Atelier XIX Denim Mask

Everlane tie-dye face mask 5-pack

Everlane 100% Human Tie-Dye Mask

Herschel face mask

Herschel Classic-Fitted Mask

Face masks are a necessary accessory these days, but there’s no reason they can’t also look great. Before narrowing down the style of mask you’re looking for, pay attention to the quality of the filter. AtelierXIX sells PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filters that slide into masks for added protection. The PM2.5 5-layer filter helps stop particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers from being inhaled via your mouth and nose.

The SummerDenim/Core+ mask from AtelierXIX is both functional and stylish. This contour mask includes a filter pocket if you want to be extra safe, and can be customized for either ear elastics or bungee.

Herschel’s Classic Fitted Face Mask is made with three breathable layers and features a pocket for standard air filter. The mask fits close to the face with its sleek sporty design and has an adjustable nose bridge and adjustable ear loops.

For an option that’s great not only for the wearer but also for the world, check out the 100% Human masks from Everlane.  Everlane is donating 10% of all 100% Human sales to the ACLU. They have already donated over $1 million. The masks themselves are soft, washable, and stylish. The washed-out earthy tones and pastel tie-dyes are perfect for summer.

You shouldn’t wear the same mask every day since germs can latch onto the outside of your mask for hours. Owning several masks and cleaning them after each use is the best way to keep safe, so why not have fun picking a few different styles and colors to go with different outfits?


Maison Margiela Gold Ring

Maison Margiela Gold Square Ring

Mejuri Titanium Signet ring

Mejuri Titanium Signet Ring

Tiffany Black-Coated Ring

Tiffany Black-Coated Square Ring

Rings are some of the smallest men’s accessories, but they say a lot. Jewelry might seem like a big step if you’ve never worn any before, but rings are a great starting point to try something new. The trick is to keep it subtle by avoiding anything too gaudy. Large jewels do make a significant statement, but they can often overshadow an entire look.  

For a unique statement piece, try a Signet Ring. Mejuri has a bold Titanium Signet Ring that looks incredible. For a fully customizable look, many ring crafters can engrave signet rings with initials, dates, or mottos, if you’re looking to show off more of your personality. 

The Gold Square Ring from Maison Margiela has a beautiful antiqued gold-tone brass and modern shape that would look great with any outfit. 

Not feeling the gold look? This Square T Ring from Tiffany in black-coated steel is the epitome of masculine chic. It’s sleek, it’s contemporary… and it’s from Tiffany, so it’ll make you feel fancy all day long.


Versace Medusa Medallion Necklace

Versace Medusa Necklace

Miansai Volt Link Necklace

Miansai Volt Link Cable Necklace

Alex Orso Silver Disc Pendant

Alex Orso Silver Disc Pendant

From delicate chain necklaces to religious pendants and engravable dog tags, men’s necklaces come in so many different options, the possibilities are practically endless. Religion, family, culture and so many more aspects of your life can be shown off with a necklace.  They are also great because if you only want to show a hint of your neckwear, you can tuck it under your shirt for a subtle look. 

Miansai has many outstanding options from subtle to flashy, but try their gold Volt Link Cable Chain Necklace for something easy to start. It’s a relaxed and simple gold chain that makes a statement without being over-the-top.  

The gold-tone and black resin Medusa necklace from Versace is a bolder choice that will channel your inner fierceness. The signature Medusa image is within the pendant as well as at the adjustable clasp fastening.

The Alex Orso Silver Disc Pendant is just the right amount of bling and will look good with pretty much anything. The brand offers both a short (52 cm) and long (70 cm) option for this necklace, as well as complimentary engraving service to personalize your pendant. 



TS(S) Linen Houndstooth Tie

Blick Retro bow tie

Blick Retro Flower Bow Tie

Gucci Black Bee Tie

Gucci Silk Bee Tie in Black

A necktie is a great opportunity to add some flair and a dash of color to your favorite suit. That said, picking the right tie for your suit can be overwhelming give the multitude of options available these days. Layering clothing for men can also get confusing, especially when you avoid matching everything – which you should. 

The art of the necktie is in its subtle contrast. In general, a tie should be a shade or two darker and of a similar (but ultimately different) pattern. Silk is the most common tie material, and for a good reason — silk is a durable material that looks sleek and hardly wrinkles. The Gucci Silk Bee Tie is a simple, elegant accessory, and the gold-tone embroidered bee against black silk background is the perfect understated design addition.

Linen ties are a great business casual option. 100% cotton ties look great for weddings or nights out, but treat them carefully, and always dry clean cotton ties. The Linen Houndstooth Tie from TS(S) is a beautifully-textured option that can add a bit of fun to your business casual or fancy brunch ensembles.

For a more fun and flashier accessory, try a bow tie. Bow ties can be classy or casual, perfect for an upscale dinner or even just a coffee date on your favorite terrasse. The Blick Retro Flower Bow Tie is 100% silk weave and comes pre-tied. (We won’t tell.) 

Tie Clips

Ox & Bull Onyx Inlaid Tie Clip

Ox & Bull Onyx Inlaid Tie Clip

M-Clip Mother of Pearl Tie Clip

M-Clip Mother-of-Pearl Tie Clip

Latelita Arrow Tie Clip in gold

Latelita Arrow Tie Clip in Gold

Tie clips are an elegant addition to your formal wear. They are easy to style, and you don’t need many of them in your arsenal. The Gold and Onyx Inlaid Tie Clip from Ox & Bull Trading Company is a great option for anywhere from the board room to a black tie event.

For something a little less fierce, try the delicate beauty of the Mother-Of-Pearl Tie Clip from M-Clip for a pop of color, or the chic and modern gold Arrow Tie Clip from Latelita.

Cufflinks & Pocket Squares

Burberry Icon Stripe cufflinks

Burberry Icon Stripe Cufflinks

Olymp Burgundy Paisley pocket square

Olymp Paisley Pocket Square


Ox & Bull Apex Square Cufflinks

Cufflinks are essentially pieces of jewelry that secure the cuffs of men’s dress shirts. Not everyone wears shirts that require them, but having one or two high-quality French cuff shirts in your wardrobe for special occasions is always a good idea.

There are so many different options, from uber-expensive 24k-gold cufflinks to kitschier video game or sports team-inspired designs. For a traditional and subtle cufflink, the Apex Square Cufflinks from Ox & Bull are just the right amount of shine. The Burberry Icon Stripe Cufflinks add a touch of class and prestige to your ensemble and would look killer with a matching Burberry scarf. 

Pocket squares are also a fantastic accessory for men that show that you care about the details of your style. They are relevantly cheap, easy to wear, and a great way to customize your suit for any occasion. The Paisley Pocket Square from Olymp is sure to turn heads.

Happy Accessorizing!

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