It’s all about textures, layers, cut, colors, and comfort. Keep it casual, functional, or dress to the nines, we dive deep into all things apparel (e.g., suits to joggers to tees, jeans, socks and boxers). Qman’s dedicated to lift you up with the latest, meaning, if it’s not relevant, we’re not there.

Men's suit on headless mannequin

History of the Suit

Style History of the Suit: From Beau to Don to John (Wick) Suiting is a form of expression. It’s a rite of passage when you’re finally ready to go from jeans and band T-shirts to a well-fitted ensemble that says, “Hi, I know how to dress and you love it.” We’re not saying you have to ditch the vintage Van

Other Apparel

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Casual Style For Men

Style Casual Style For Men: Wardrobe Basics to Look Your Best The

Row of men in suits with colourful socks

Best Socks For Men

Style Best Men’s Socks for 2021: Give Your Fashion Game a Leg

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8 Best Boxers For Men

Style 8 Best Boxers For Men: Making an Under-Statement I remember my

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Best Men’s Joggers

Style Best Men’s Joggers That Perfectly Mix Style & Comfort Joggers at