No man is perfect but betterness is achievable. We all want to be better. Whether it’s in our relationships, the way we dress, or how we treat others (and ourselves), there is always room for improvement.

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10 TED Talks That Will Enhance Your Social Life

TED Talks began in 1984 as a way to bring technology, entertainment and design together.  Today, you can find almost anything in a TED Talk, making them a go-to resource for discovering new ideas.

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Best Meditation Apps

Life 5 Best Meditation Apps For Peace Of Mind Meditation is a way for one

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How to Fall Asleep

Life How to Fall Asleep: 6 Tips From a Former Insomniac “How are you?” “Tired.”

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How to Apologize

Life How to Apologize: Making an Effective Mea Culpa If you’re human, you have most

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