Best Men’s Joggers


Best Men’s Joggers That Perfectly Mix Style & Comfort

To everyone’s benefit (especially in the Covid era), the fashion industry has made comfort one of their top priorities recently.

Joggers are the perfect example of a wardrobe staple that looks great while remaining super comfy. They have led the stylish sweatpants revolution, gaining acceptance for both leisure and dressing up. 

The best men’s joggers offer a tailored look with tapered legs, a comfortable (often elastic) waistband, and high-quality material. 

These refined and intelligently designed bottoms make anyone look sharp while maximizing comfort — plus, there are several ways you can style your joggers with clothing you already own.

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What is the difference between French Terry and Fleece?

Joggers come in a wide variety of styles and fabrics, so before we get to our favorites for this season, let’s clarify the difference between two popular jogger materials: French terry and fleece.

Fleece. There are so many options for fleece joggers, it’s likely they are available from your favorite brand, in your favorite color. Fleece is one of the best choices if you’re looking for something durable, soft, and ecologically friendly. Fleece pants are also machine-washable and quick-drying, so there’s no worrying about wiping your Dorito fingers on them before picking up the remote to browse the latest streaming options.

French Terry. French terry is similar to jersey fabric; it’s lighter than most sweatpants and heavier than your average tee. The big difference between French terry and fleece is in how the fabric is finished. While fleece has shredded yarn loops on the inside, making the fabric nice and fuzzy, French terry has yarn loops that are kept intact. This makes the latter higher in absorbency and more breathable. Basically, fleece keeps you warm while French terry keeps you cool.


We love joggers because they are an answer to the common fashion conundrum: style or comfort. These days, joggers can be found in a large range of styles, from streetwear-inspired to smart casual to ultra-cozy for a day lazing on the couch.

Streetwear-Inspired. Joggers are becoming even more popular likely due to the merging of streetwear and high fashion. Joggers can easily be worn for a streetwear-inspired look by rocking anything sport or workwear-inspired: work jackets, technical waterproofs, or bomber jackets are all great options. Combine them with a loose-fitting t-shirt (or hoodie) and a classic pair of trainers (or work boots), and you have yourself the perfect streetwear look while remaining ultra-comfortable.

Smart Casual. A great pair of men’s joggers can totally work as part of your smart casual wardrobe as well. It might feel a bit strange for some, but this versatility is one of the best things about joggers. Look refined and relaxed by wearing a crew neck sweater or a fitted button-down shirt, and top it off with a denim jacket, an unstructured blazer, or wool overcoat. Throw on your favorite pair of leather trainers, and you’re good to go to your next business meeting or out for a night on the town – just make sure you stick with darker shades of grey, navy, or black for a more sophisticated look.

Down Time. If you, like so many of us, have spent a lot of time at home over the past year, an extra cozy pair of men’s joggers is a must. Pair your pants with a cashmere sweater or a solid-color hoodie for a luxury feel during Zoom cocktails. Or, if it’s just you, you can wear them with your favorite salsa-stained tee (no judgement) and have your bottom half feeling as comfortable as ever. 

Pro Tip: Pockets

When finding the best men’s joggers for you, pay specific attention to the pockets they feature. Small pockets on tight-fitting joggers easily raise the question: “Is that an iPhone in your pocket, or are you excited to see me?”. Little back or side pockets can ruin a good pair of pants, keeping your house keys pressed uncomfortably tight to your leg and making it impossible to carry the broad design of smartphones.

If you’re planning to be active in your joggers, zipper pockets can be your best friend. They will safely and securely hold your phone and other belongings — so you can enjoy your workout without the fear of losing something valuable along the way.

What’s the Difference Between Joggers and Sweatpants?

Sweatpants were originally designed to easily go on over a sports uniform and preserve the warmth of a player when they weren’t on the field. This is why sweatpants have a baggy design and leg cuff and are often made from cotton or fleece. Joggers feature a tighter fit, a tapered leg for a cleaner look, and are available in various materials to match whatever look you’re going for.

The Best Men’s Joggers in 2022

Adidas Essentials Single Jersey Tapered Jogger pant in black

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Zanerobe Sureshot Jogger

Zanerobe Sureshot Jogger

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Nike Tech Fleece Joggers in white and grey

Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Jogger

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Vans Service Cargo slim jogger pant in olive green

Vans Service Cargo Slim Jogger Pant

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Reiss Coventry Melange joggers in soft grey

Reiss Coventry Joggers

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Ralph Lauren Luxury Jersey jogger in black

Ralph Lauren Luxury Jersey Jogger

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Todd Snyder Slim Jogger

Todd Snyder Jogger Sweatpant

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Everlane Sport Jogger

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Mack Weldom Ace

Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpant

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Frank & Oak ’76 French Terry

Frank & Oak 76’ French Terry Organic Cotton Jogger

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Outdoor Voices Cloudknit Joggers

Outdoor Voices All Day Sweatpant

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Brooklinen Bergen

Brooklinen Bergen Jogger

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Paige Elmwood joggers

Paige Elmwood Jogger

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