A man’s home is his castle… and, in some cases, his office and sanctuary, too. Because style goes beyond just what you’re wearing, QMan’s Home Essentials focuses on the best kitchenware, culinary staples, tools, housewares and more, so your home will be fit for a king.


Close-up of coffee beans in a coffee grinder

Best Coffee Grinder

Home Essentials The Best Coffee Grinder Brewing a delicious cup of joe

Cup with olive oil and balsamic vinegar next to fresh herbs and garlic

Best Olive Oil

Home Essentials Best Olive Oil for Tossing, Dipping & Cooking As you

Man cutting peppers on cutting board with kitchen knife

Best Knife Set

Home Essentials The Best Knife Set For Chef-Quality Cuts If you’re cooking


Bottle of Havana Club rum, mojito cocktails, mint and sliced lime on countertop

Best Rum Brands

Drinks The Best Rum Brands For Perfect Punch & Masterful Mojitos Rum

Selection of blond and red beer in pint glasses

Best Beer

Home Essentials Best Beers to Try Even if You’re Not a Brew

Crystal tumbler with whiskey atop a rock with campfire in the background

Best Whiskey

Home Essentials Best Whiskey: Drink Up with Our Spirit Reviews Whiskey is

Water being poured into a tumbler glass

Best Water To Drink

Home Essentials Stay Hydrated, Bro: The Best Water to Drink We’re constantly

Row of Absolut vodka bottles with blurred bar background

Best Vodka

Drinks Pot-ay-to, Pot-ah-to, We Say Best Vodka Drinking vodka may bring back


Waterfront luxury patio with outdoor kitchen and fire pit

Best Fire Pit

Decor The Best Fire Pit to Light Up Your Outdoor Space Bonding