Best Dress Pants For Men


Get a Leg Up: the Best Dress Pants for Men

No matter your lifestyle, a good pair of dress pants is a regular go-to in any man’s closet. While many men’s wardrobes are well-stocked with more casual choices like chinos or khakis, getting out of your comfort zone and spicing things up with some more refined pieces and luxurious materials never hurts. 

Whether you’re the type of person who works in an office where business attire is required or who only sports a suit on extra special occasions, high-quality dress pants are a must-have for every fashion-forward guy. There are just as many trendy options on the market today for people trying to pinch a penny as there are for those who are willing to splurge. 

From the board room to the cocktail bar, to brunch the next morning, the best men’s dress pants can be more versatile than you would expect. With a variety of styles to choose from, your grandad’s trousers are long gone! With a little style guidance, you can start looking more like Harvey Spector and less like Jake from State Farm. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best men’s dress pants for work or play on the market today. 

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The 11 Best Dress Pants For Men in 2022

Banana Republic wool dress pants in black

Best Traditional Pick: Banana Republic Standard Solid Italian Wool Suit Pant

Starting the list off with a more toned down, traditional pick, this pair of Banana Republic men’s dress pants is definitely simple enough to wear to a conservative event, but updated enough to suit the modern man. Made with virgin wool from Marzotto—an old, Italian mill renowned for its creative approach to textiles—these pants are comfortable and stretchy, but not one bit less luxurious than any other. Features like Banana Republic’s signature structured waistband guarantee this pair’s rightful place among the best dress pants for men. Functional yet stylish, and available in several colors, these are a great buy for someone seeking both quality and affordability.

Notes: Wool/elastane blend, Regular/Tall offerings in 3 different colorways. Dry clean only. $169.00

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Bonobos Italian dress pants in grey

Best Versatility: Bonobos Italian Stretch Wool Dress Pants

Similar in many ways to the previous Italian pick, these wool dress pants have everything you could want from a typical pair, but are anything but boring. These breathable and slightly stretchy Bonobos pants are suitable for any season or event, and are offered in a number of unique shades and patterns. From their signature curved waistband to the buttons on the back pockets, these dress pants will take you from day to night in no time. Whether you’re in a limo or riding the subway, these will provide you with a preppy, put-together look without the steep price.

Notes: Wool/elastane blend, 28-54 waist, 11 different colorways. Dry clean only. $199.00

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Everlane Italian wool suit pants

Best Low Maintenance Option: Everlane Italian Wool Trouser

Trying to avoid the dreaded “Dry Clean Only” label? Everlane’s got you covered with their men’s washable wool blend dress pants. Like pretty much everything from Everlane, this pant is versatile, well-made, and affordable. Wear them with a T or Everlane’s matching Italian wool suit jacket, and rest easy knowing you can throw these bad boys in the washing machine instead of hauling them off to the cleaner’s.

Notes: Wool/elastane blend, 28-40 inch waist, 2 colorways. Machine washable. $98.00

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Cos wide-leg trouser dress pant in black

Best Wide-Leg Option: Cos Wide-Leg Pleated Trousers

We’ve been obsessed with the skinny style for ages, but big bottoms are back, baby! Taking a sharp turn away from the easy-peasy options, these wide-leg trousers will definitely set you apart from the crowd. If you’re someone who doesn’t tend to shy away from a retro look, this sleek, pleated option is the perfect pair for you. While these might not be your textbook men’s dress pants due to their casual fabric, slightly dropped crotch, and street-style pockets, these funky pants are a great way for the braver gents out there to shake up their casual wear—if you dare!

Notes: 52% Organic cotton/48% Tencel™ lyocell, slightly dropped crotch, 28-38 waist. Machine washable. $115.00

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Paul Smith trouser dress pant in powder blue

Best Luxury Statement: Paul Smith Wool Check Slim Fit Suit Trousers

If wide-leg isn’t your move, a slim fit will certainly do! Made from pure Portuguese wool, these dress pants may look light blue, but there are actually multiple colors blended into the checked pattern to create a dynamic, eye-catching effect. If you’re looking for something effortlessly appropriate yet exciting, and something that can be dressed up or down, these are probably your best bet. Modern and distinct, these trousers are a pair best suited for, well, your best suit. They’re cut close to the leg and come with unfinished hems, ready to be flawlessly tailored. These chic pants are undeniably worth the purchase.

Notes: 44% wool/36% viscose/17% cotton/3% polyamide blend, 28-38 waist. Dry clean only. $420.00

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Perry Ellis Dress Pant

Best No Fuss Pant: Perry Ellis Slim Fit Mini Check Performance Dress Pant

Another more affordable contender for fans of the patterned skinny is this slim fit, checked pair from Perry Ellis. If you’re trying to stay away from anything high-maintenance, this machine-washable, non-wool pair is one of the more accessible picks when it comes to the best dress pants for men. Inexpensive, stretchy, and moisture-wicking, these pants are just as realistic as they are fashionable and unique. Available in a professional shade of grey, they even have zip-able front pockets made for a man on-the-go! Perfect for coupling with your snazziest dress shoes or favorite pair of sneakers alike.

Notes: flat front, 29-40 waist, 100% polyester. Machine washable. $95.00

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Ermenegildo Zegna Trofeo flat-front wool blend pants

Best Fabric Feel: Ermenegildo Zegna Trofeo Flat Front Wool Blend Trousers

A lot of men stick to darker color options when it comes to dress pants, but having a lighter-colored trouser in your wardrobe certainly doesn’t hurt! These Switzerland-made light grey dress pants will allow you to explore outside the realms of blue and black all while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic. This textured pair of dress pants has linen and silk blended into the mix to ensure they’re extra breathable. This makes them cool enough to wear in even the hottest summer weather!

Notes: wool/linen/silk blend, lined to the knee. Dry clean only. $299.00

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Simons Woven-stripe Reykjavik dress pants

Best Budget Statement: Simons Le 31 Woven-Stripe Pant Reykjavik Fit

Patterned pants aren’t everyone’s first choice when it comes to men’s dress pants, but a striped motif is a fun way to push your own boundaries without getting too crazy. Want to venture into Harry Styles territory, but not sure if you’re ready to commit? These graphic jacquard pants are a great starting point. If you’re going for a groovy, vintage vibe that won’t compromise professionalism or luxury, look no further than the so-called Reykjavik style, anti-fit pant. Another one of Marzotto’s woven pairs, this unique pick won’t fail you. Simons even carries a matching jacket for those who want to complete the look.

Notes: 100% wool, 28-38 waist. Dry clean only. $120.00

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Best Budget Pick: Calvin Klein Men’s Modern Fit Dress Pant

Calvin Klein knows how to do wardrobe staples right and is definitely one of the best men’s dress pants brands out there. This dark blue modern fit (tailored between classic and slim) offering from CK would be a welcome addition to any man’s closet, and a pair of these bad boys won’t break the bank. The polyester, rayon, spandex blend allows for great movability, making it a great option for any guy on the go. You’ll bring the classic gentleman into the 21st century by grabbing a pair of these for your dress pant needs. 

Notes: polyester blend, 30-42 waist, available in 4 colorways. Dry clean only. $49.99

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Alexander_McQueen_wool_mohair_trousers (1)

Best Designer Pick: Alexander McQueen Wool And Mohair Slim-Fit Pants

These bad boys are one of the more expensive pairs of dress pants on this list. For those looking to spend a bit more, these are an excellent choice. Beyond the brand name, these McQueen pants are very high quality and Italian-made. With a 75% wool, 25% mohair blend, these tailored, slim-fit trousers are a daring color fit for the most fashion-conscious. Why settle for the traditional color wheel when you could go all-out with “egg shell”? This pair isn’t exactly the type that helps you blend into the crowd, but they do the trick for any man wanting to make a statement. These dress pants exude a cool, collected confidence that will carry through tough business meetings and first dates alike.

Notes: 75% wool/25% mohair, central creasing, unfinished cuffs. Dry clean only. $720.00

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Ralph Lauren Herringbone trousers

Most Stylish: Ralph Lauren Gregory Wool-Cotton Herringbone Trouser

A slightly less expensive, high-end option is this Gregory Wool-Cotton Herringbone pair of dress pants from Ralph Lauren. With the same luxurious, high-quality Italian make as the McQueen pair, these straight-leg trousers are woven with a unique herringbone twill in a more subdued color. The cotton blended into the wool of this pair makes it a stretchier, more breathable, and more comfortable wear, especially as they are lined to the knees. One of the best of the best dress pants for men, this pair is an obvious selection for anyone searching for something in-between a wide-leg and slim fit.

Notes: wool/cotton blend, 28-42 waist, unfinished cuffs. Dry clean only. $345.00

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1. Are chinos dress pants?

No, chinos are not dress pants. Chinos are often crafted from cotton, unlike most high-quality dress pants, which are often made from wool or a similar blend. The finer, more luxurious fabrics used for dress pants are what makes them fancier than a more casual choice like chinos.

2. How should dress pants fit?

Dress pants are available in a variety of cuts or fits. After you select your fit of choice (i.e. skinny, slim-fit stretch, wide-leg, etc.), you have to make sure that your new pants are properly tailored to your body. This includes making sure they’re not too tight and don’t pull, pinch, or bunch when you move around in them. A tailor can help you with the custom adjustments you need. For more information on tailoring, clothing maintenance and more, check out our guide on How To Be Stylish!

3. How do I select the color of my dress pants?

The colors you pick for the dress pants you buy are important to consider. Looking at the pieces you know you have in your wardrobe can be helpful. A more classic, professional, and versatile option would be something black, grey, blue, or tan, but branching out beyond that is far from frowned upon. (Burberry Pink Check Side Stripes, anyone?) Select what works for you based on what you already own and the level of formality you require.

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