Wardrobe Revamp: How To Sell On Poshmark

Dig into the back of your closet or dresser and you’ll surely find items of clothing you haven’t worn in years (if ever). We often hang onto pieces for so long because disposing of them seems like such a hassle. You can package them up and drop them off at a thrift shop or donation center (if you happen to have one nearby). Or, if you’re the gambling type, you can hang onto them in the hopes that one day you’ll suddenly meet someone looking for a turquoise Phat Farm hoodie from the ‘90s or the ugly holiday sweater you were ironically gifted years prior. 

Thankfully, Poshmark offers a better option — the ability to sell your items directly from home to a huge active base of eager customers. Launched in 2011, Poshmark has made waves in recent years after a number of users made a fortune selling items on the platform, including Suzanne Cano, who pocketed a cool million selling used clothes on the app. Now that we’ve sparked your interest, let’s go through how to sell on Poshmark.

Poshmark is an easy to use application that allows you to create your own virtual “store,” where users can safely browse and buy items directly from sellers. The service offers a simple way to buy and sell products without requiring any special technical skill. As long as you can take some clear pictures, the app will lead you through the process of setting up your account and getting your store set up straight from your smart phone. Soon you’ll be making Marie Kondo proud by decluttering your living space — and hopefully making some extra money while you’re at it!

How to Sell on Poshmark

To the app store!

One of the greatest things about Poshmark is that you can create your store right from your phone; you don’t even need to touch a computer. To begin, download the Poshmark app and follow the steps to create your profile. From there, you can begin taking photos of your items and writing descriptions for each. You will then be prompted to choose from a list of available categories and set your price (and the price you initially paid for the item).

Poshmark logo

Creating your virtual store

Once you begin listing items, Poshmark will create a virtual storefront for you, consisting of all of your current listings. Think of it as your own digital garage sale, showcasing everything you have for sale. If one of your items appeals to a potential customer, they’ll likely want to see what else you have up for offer, which can lead to more sales.

What is a Posh Bundle?

You can group multiple items in your closet into a Posh Bundle and share with a prospective buyer. A Posh Bundle is great for buyers as they save money on shipping, and there’s an opportunity to negotiate a discount for buying multiple items. It’s great for you because you’re moving more of your closet inventory and getting more $$.  

When an item sells

Congrats, you’ve sold an item! Now what? Customers can choose to purchase an item for your initial asking price, or like at any garage sale, they can also counter with an offer of their own. If you’re on the same page, feel free to accept their offer, or keep your listing active if you think you’ll get a higher price down the road (or aren’t in a huge hurry to sell).

Once an item is sold, Poshmark will send you a pre-paid shipping label. Simply print the label, package the item securely, and drop it off in a mailbox or at the local post office.

Once the seller has indicated that they have received the item (or three days after the package has been scanned by the postal system) Poshmark will initiate your payment for the item. You can then have the amount deposited directly into your account.

Poshmark selling fees

Poshmark clearly indicates their selling fees so there is no misunderstanding when an item sells (unlike some other online services with their increasing complicated pay structures). For sales under $15, Poshmark pockets $2.95 per item. For sales above $15.00, the billing works on a split principle; you retain 80% of the sale amount, and Poshmark keeps 20%. With this in mind, pricing your items appropriately is one of the key aspects of doing well with the service (more on that below). 

What to sell

While Poshmark was initially conceived as a fashion app to buy and sell clothing, shoes, and bags, in recent years it has expanded its scope to include toys, beauty products, and select household items, office supplies, artwork, and more. With 40 million active users, there’s a very good chance that someone out there is looking for what you’ve got.

Poshmark Selling Tips

Clean your items

Especially if you are selling used clothing, you want to be sure your items present well, which starts with making sure they are as clean as can be. Carefully wash and iron (or steam) your items to get them ready for your photos. No one wants to purchase used clothing if it’s full of wrinkles and looks like it hasn’t been washed since the Clinton administration. For any other items, give them a thorough cleaning to get them in the best shape possible. Want to know how to get those sneakers their whitest and brightest before posting? Check out our sneaker care guide here.

Check for damage

Poshmark is a community, and if you want to succeed with the service you need to be transparent about the condition of your items in your listings. Check for any damage on your item and include any mention of issues in your listing. This can be anything from a tear in a clothing item to a scratch on a piece of household gear you have up for sale. Properly highlighting any issues in advance will also lead to less returns, even though Poshmark has a comprehensive return policy in place to avoid baseless returns (another great advantage over other online selling services). 

Take great photos

Getting great looking photos of your items is key to how to sell on Poshmark. Find a bright and clean surface where you can lay out your items and start snapping! You’ll want to grab a few photos of each item so you can select the best ones from each set. Natural sunlight will generally make your pictures look the best they can, but if that’s not an option you can try using a selfie ring light to make your photos really stand out. Poshmark allows you post up to 12 photos per item, so be sure to grab photos of each side of the item and any specific areas you want to highlight, including seams and tags.

Blue and yellow Mexico Asics sneakers

Title your listings carefully

While great looking photos are integral to Poshmark, they’ll only work their magic if people can actually find your listing. You don’t need to be an SEO whiz to maximize the chances of potential buyers discovering your listings; just be sure to include the brand, size, and color for clothing items, and a short and clear description for any other items. If you’re not sure exactly what you have on your hands, do a bit of online research beforehand to help narrow down when your item was produced or any other relevant info that you can then include in the title and description of your item.

Price your items with care

Pricing your items properly on Poshmark can take some time. Since Poshmark takes a cut of each sale, ideally, you’ll want to price each item with that fee in mind. But if you price your item too high, you run the risk of turning off potential customers. Poshmark also allows users to make an offer on any one of your items, which allows some bargaining on each end of the transaction (just like a real-life garage sale), so pricing items just slightly higher than what you’re willing to let them go for can be a winning strategy.

Join Posh Parties

Joining Posh Parties is  great for those learning how to sell on Poshmark. Each day the app hosts four different themed “parties” based on popular brands (Gucci, Nike, etc.) or categories like “Best Jeans.” If you have any items for sale by one of the brands or anything that falls into that day’s categories, you can join the Posh Party and share your listings to everyone attending the virtual hang-out. Joining Posh Parties can be a great way to accumulate new followers who will then be able to quickly view new items as you add them to your store. With 40 million users, it can be hard to stand out on Poshmark, so be sure to take advantage of as many Posh Parties as you can to build up your following and connect with potential buyers interested in your goods.

Package your items well

Close-up of thank you card with flowers and ribbon

Once you’ve sold an item, Poshmark will send you a shipping form to print out and attach to your package. You can send your items in a padded envelope or box, depending on the item, but you always want to package the item with care. If you’re shipping across the country (or even internationally), you want to ensure the item arrives in great condition. Invest in some bubble wrap for more delicate items and some solid padded envelopes or boxes. 

Buyers can leave public feedback on your account, so you want to do everything you can to make their experience shopping with you a positive one. Adding a “thank you” card or some thoughtful packing details will make you stand out.

Selling luxury items

Poshmark is one of the safest places to buy and sell luxury items including high-end watches, jewelry, and hand bags. The app offers a service called Posh Concierge on items priced $500 and higher that authenticates the item to assure potential buyers of its legitimacy. Given the rampant forgeries you can find online, buyers of luxury goods on Poshmark know that they are buying the real thing from you, which helps facilitate sales without any added stress. This is great news for your watch collection!


Yes, Poshmark is a legit company and it is absolutely safe to buy and sell items on the service. While the app may be new to many, it has been around since 2011 and now boasts an active user base of 40 million people. Poshmark stock is even traded on NASDAQ, so rest assured that you are in good hands when selling your goods on the service. If you are selling high-end items, Poshmark offers an authentication service for items priced at over $500 called Posh Concierge that removes any uncertainly from buyers looking to purchase items like watches and jewelry.

When Poshmark launched, it was focused on clothing and high-end fashion accessories. As the popularity of the app exploded in recent years, Poshmark revised its policies and now allows users to sell various home and office items, art, unused personal care products, select pet items and more. While clothing is still by far the most predominant item you’ll find on Poshmark, household items like lamps and tableware are increasingly popular as well. Popular men’s items include sneakers, watches, and of course, clothing. Some of the most sought-after men’s brands on Poshmark include Nike, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, Under Armour, Levi's, and The North Face.

While eBay definitely has some benefits, in general, Poshmark is a better service for selling clothes. Poshmark has an incredible built-in audience seeking out clothing, which makes it much more likely that a potential customer will find your listings. Poshmark also makes it easy to follow sellers, so customers can get the first glance when you add new items to your online store. While Poshmark has expanded into other categories, clothing is still the primary focus of the service, which makes it the best choice for giving your wardrobe a needed refresh (while making some cash at the same time).

After an item sells and you mail it off to the buyer via the pre-paid shipping label, Poshmark will then transfer you the purchase price minus their commission. For sales under $15, Poshmark pockets $2.95 per item. For sales above $15, the billing works on a split principle; you retain 80% of the sale amount, and Poshmark keeps 20%. You can select to have the funds deposited directly into your account or have a check mailed out to you. Poshmark simplifies the process so you don’t have to hound customers to be paid; it’s all done automatically via the app.

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