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Best Golf Travel Bag for Durability & Convenience

Whether you are escaping the winter by heading on a golf trip, or just in the market for a new stand bag, protecting the clubs is the number one priority. While on the market for golf club travel cases, there are so many different features to factor in. Are you looking for hard-sided bags, that are typically known to be more durable, or soft-sided travel bags that are more lightweight and traditionally more convenient?

Traveling with your golf clubs has never been easier. Extra wheels and handles can help maneuver from one airport terminal to the other. With the addition of a backbone and extra padding for guaranteed protection, storage space becomes the key factor. Ideally, you want enough pockets for your shoes, balls, and accessories like gloves. 

So what are the best golf travel bags in 2021? We’ve narrowed down the list to our favorite five. Carry your precious cargo in style without sacrificing function with these great options.

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What to look for in a golf travel bag

Hard case vs soft case

The first choice any golfer has to make when selecting a golf travel bag is the base structure. Depending on your personal preference or travel needs, the two frames to go off are either one with a hard-sided exterior or a soft case.

Other than the obvious named differences, they each have their costs and benefits. Most golfers will admit that soft cases are good enough, although if traveling by plane, most airlines will not insure clubs. Hard cases are more secure and durable, as they provide your clubs better protection overall. The only downside is they are bulkier and heavier and can cost a pretty penny. If you are not planning to go very far, most people prefer the soft-sided travel bag because of its flexibility to fit anywhere. They are generally more affordable than their hard-case counterparts.


Getting to and from the golf course, you always want to make sure you have everything you need once you hit the links. Travel bags come stocked with pockets to hold all the essentials for all 18 holes. External pockets can hold tees, balls, your gloves and rangefinder, while fleece-lined pockets are a fantastic feature for those who don’t want to take their watches or jewelry off until it’s time to show off their perfect swing. Deciding whether or not storage pockets are important to you and your game comes down to your personal style on the course.


Many golfers prefer to walk the course for a little extra exercise, instead of opting for a cart. In order for this to be a reality, golf bags cannot be too heavy or clunky. Modern lightweight bags can weigh as little as 3 lbs, but selecting the right bag may cause one to sacrifice some functional essentials, such as pockets. The heavier bags are generally manufactured out of hard shell materials, promising a more durable product – which doesn’t often equal comfort.


Golf is hardly a cheap sport. Clubs, tees, balls, and gadgets will add up. Travels bags can range from inexpensive all the way up to a few thousand dollars. The average golfer, wanting to protect his golf clubs in case something were to happen in transit, can find something as cheap as $90 all the way up to $500, depending on the model and brand.

The Best Golf Travel Bags in 2021

TaylorMade FlexTech golf travel bag

Best Overall: TaylorMade FlexTech Stand Bag

Weighing in at just 4.5 pounds, TaylorMade has made some serious upgrades to the FlexTech Stand Bag. The bag has four attachment points and a dual self-adjusting strap system. For easy lifting, this bag has handles on the top, bottom, and spine. The kickstand has been replaced with a patented hinge bottom, which increases stability and allows for a wider stance for the legs. The new TaylorMade FlexTech bag has room for extra storage, including a water-resistant stretch pocket for valuables, and a water bottle sleeve. This simple design is made of premium materials with the avid golfer in mind.

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Tangkula stand golf bag with 8-way divider

Best Budget: Tangkula Golf Stand Bag with 8-way Divider

Perfect for the golfers who love to walk, this waterproof portable golf bag is ergonomically designed to be transported in two different ways: traditionally slung over one shoulder, or by using the backpack-style shoulder straps. The eight-way divider offers enough storage to comfortably house all your golf clubs. This bag has managed to add seven zippered pockets for accessories in their new design. The automatic kickstand with anti-slip pads helps stand on different types of terrain. This budget bag is the perfect companion for those seeking practicality and durability at a fair price.

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Samsonite hard golf travel case

Best Hard Case: Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case

This heavy-duty travel case has obviously prioritized functionality over aesthetics. Rugged on the outside with a soft-quilted foam interior to protect your belongings on the inside, this cover case is designed to stand straight on four multi-directional wheels for easy steering. Gone are the days of padding your golf travel bag with clothes to ensure your clubs’ safe arrival – this comprehensive bag has got you covered. The only observed downfall is that the inline skate wheels are a little too big and are not removable, but it’s a small price to pay for the safety of your precious golf clubs.

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Amazon Basics soft travel case

Best Soft Case: Amazon Basics Soft Sided Travel Bag

This great option is made of waterproof black canvas, a durable option made for those in the market for a reasonably priced soft-sided golf travel bag. This bag can stand up on its own with the clubs inside thanks to the slip-proof material sewn on in the right places. Made for golfers on the go in mind, this durable bag’s rolling wheels and collapsable design makes transporting your set of golf clubs from the airport to the clubhouse a breeze.

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Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian golf travel bag

Best on Wheels: Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian

Traveling with golf clubs can be awkward and inconvenient at times. The Sun Mountain Clubglider Meridian travel bag is ideal for golfers who enjoy traveling to play courses in different types of locations. This bag has four wheels that are designed for convenience as well as function. Whether pulling through parking lots or across the grass, the extra thick padding and retractable legs make it all easy. The Meridian has added two extra zip pockets for storage golfers can take advantage of, as well as full-length two-way zippers to make getting your clubs in and out easy. Weighing in at 14.6 lbs., this bag is considered lightweight when all the features are taken into account.

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The Takeaway

Selecting the right golf travel bag is a personal choice; it comes down to necessity as well as preferred style. These days, manufacturers are no longer creating cheap bags, regardless of what the price tag reads. Just because specific bags or brands have a hefty price tag does not mean they’re necessarily superior. There is a wide range of excellent golf bags for the money. 

Preferred features depend on you, your clubs, and how much extra storage you need to be dotting around. Whether you are the type to carry your bag, or the type to use a cart, there is something out there with your name on it. Traveling from one golf course to the next, or navigating an airport, requires a durable bag, with space for golf clubs, balls, tees, and a shoe bag. Maybe even a snack (or drink) or two. Bags these days have padding sewn on the inside of durable waterproof materials, security straps on the inside, and full-length sturdy zippers for ease and simplicity.

Traveling with golf clubs has never been easier. Hopefully, this list of the newest bags of different types and golf brands has helped narrow down your search.


1. How to pack a golf travel bag?

Packing a golf travel bag depends on the type of bag you are lugging your set of golf clubs in. If traveling with a softshell case, add a protective support backbone to ensure the safety of your sticks. Make sure to utilize all extra storage pockets, filling them with tees, scorecards, your laser range finder, and of course balls. Most bags have enough room for an extra change of clothes, making the transition from airport to links smooth and easy. Most bags have a soft-lined valuables pocket – don’t be shy to pop your passport or wallet in there for easy access.

2. What is the best golf travel bag?

There is no universal method to finding the best golf travel bag. Golf bags should be one part functional and one part personality. Similar to picking out your first car, it requires a lot of research and narrowing down what is important to you. Traveling with your golf clubs should always be easy – no matter if you carry your bag with backpack-like straps, or push it around on wheels.  This oversized luggage should feel like a convenient carry-on — the sturdy zippers should make contents feel secure, whether it is protecting a cherished ball marker or a celebratory snack for that albatross.

3. How big is a travel golf bag?

Size depends on the type of bag you have decided works best for your game. The largest travel case that we suggest could benefit differently sized sticks – thanks to the rugged hard-shell travel case made by Samsonite. The Hard-Sided Travel Cover Case measures 12 x 16 x 54 inches. Inside it is divided into four different compartments and weighs in at a surprising 5 lbs. This case can accommodate a 10.5″ top golf bag, with 48” clubs. The four wheels add a couple of inches in height, but that would only make a difference to the flight crew packing the oversized luggage section.

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