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Taming the Beast: The Best Beard Trimmers

What good is growing out a beard if the beard isn’t…well…good? Gone are the days of ratty straggle hairs, overgrown sideburns, and greasy neckbeards. Facial hair can completely change your look and the way you come off to people, so why would you want to look unkempt? 

Regardless of the length or style of your beard, it needs to be kept in tiptop shape to be kept at all. We’re going for well-groomed lumberjack, not disheveled-30-something-gamer-who-still-lives-in-his-parents’-basement.

Lucky for you, QMan has taken the liberty of compiling a list of some of the best beard trimmers on the market right now. We’re not saying you have to ditch your pandemic beard completely—just get it under control, okay? We’re begging you. Without further ado, here’s QMan’s 2022 guide to the best men’s beard trimmers.

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How to trim your beard properly

Even if you already trim your beard, chances are you’re not doing it enough. Beard trimming should be a regular feature in your grooming routine, and that includes trimming your beard at least a few times per week. If you’re scared that trimming this often will affect the speed of your beard growth, don’t worry! Consistent trimming is actually good for the health of your beard and will likely stimulate even more growth than simply letting it grow out.

To properly trim your beard, always start by giving it a good wash first. Next, comb out the hair in preparation and trim away! You’ll need to use different techniques depending on what part of the beard you’re shaving. For example, when it comes to trimming your sideburns, you’ll want to comb the hairs forward and trim off the excess first. Then, you’ll need comb them back into place and trim the edges to make sure they’re straight and even.

Another tricky and often neglected area is your neckline. Beard length is a matter of personal taste, but when it comes to dealing with the neck, it’s important to avoid any overgrowth in that area, no matter how full your beard is.  

Trimming the hair in a gradient—or “fading” your beard hair—by playing around with the length settings just above your Adam’s apple is key in avoiding any harsh lines or stray hairs.

Lastly, when you’ve finished your trim, don’t forget to condition your beard with some beard oil, or use any other favorite products to shape your beard to your preference. A regular trim will allow you to work with a clean and tidy slate so you can style your facial hair the way you like it.

Barber trimming man's sideburns with Andis 04710 beard trimmer

What to look for in a beard trimmer

Budget, adjustability, waterproofing, wireless vs. cord… There are so many factors to consider when shopping for a beard trimmer. Everyone’s needs are different—you just have to understand a bit about trimmer technology to find your perfect match.

When it’s time to purchase, make sure you think about the trimmer’s length range, size, battery life, accompanying accessories, maneuverability, durability, and price. All of these features will depend on your priorities, your budget, and your beard style, so choose wisely! Don’t stress too much, though. If you stick to the best beard trimmers featured in this guide, you’ll be sure to select a trimmer that suits you and your needs perfectly. With a little help from your friends at QMan, you can’t go wrong!

The 7 Best Beard Trimmers in 2022

Philips Norelco MC7750 beard trimmer

Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Multigroom Series 7000 Men’s Grooming Kit

This isn’t just your basic trimmer. This model from Philips Norelco is an all-in-one masterpiece when it comes to beard care, or any kind of trimming for that matter. Whether it’s beard, body, brows, or more, this kit comes with 23 attachments to suit any and all of your trimming needs. The trimmer itself features a full metal motor and a drive train reinforced with tempered steel to ensure maximum power. Its DualCut Technology is unique in that it offers incredible precision and has self-sharpening blades that can last up to five years without getting dull. 

This model is also great for those new to trimming, as its cutting guards’ fiberglass material prevents any deformation that may cause an uneven shave, ensuring a perfect trim every time, even for beginners. It also comes with a lithium ion rechargeable battery that can last up to five hours without charging, in case you really wanted to stretch out that trim sesh, you know? At just under $55, this kit is a steal not to be missed out on!

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Wahl Peanut beard trimmer

Wahl Professional Peanut Clipper/Trimmer

Wahl Professional is well-known for their stellar beard care products, as they’re often used by barbers themselves. Their trimmers are designed to provide the professional-grade performance that the best of the best have grown to expect. Superior functionality aside, this Peanut trimmer is also extremely small and stylish. It’s palm-sized, but packed with power, making it one of the best beard trimmers out there. It even comes with oil, a cleaning brush, and a red blade guard. If you’re looking for a trimmer that nails precise cuts every time, the Peanut has to be the next addition to your grooming kit. Get the barbershop look without the barber!

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Andis 04710 beard trimmer

Andis 04711 Professional T-Outliner Beard Trimmer With T-Blade

This model from Andis is one of the best beard trimmers for long beards. The Professional T-Outliner can do it all from trimming necks, beards, and mustaches, to dry-shaving, outlining, fading, and maneuvering through tight areas. Featuring a cool and quiet high-speed motor and a polymer body, each of these trimmers arrives oiled from the factory where they are tested with string for cutting ability before dispatch. Their close-cutting, carbon steel blades can also be adjusted to your own shaving experience, which makes this trimmer even more personalized than the rest. This one is a no-brainer, if you ask us!

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Philips Norelco 7200 Series beard trimmer

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200 with Vacuum

This particular model from Philips Norelco is special because it comes with a vacuum feature to minimize mess. Who doesn’t want a trimmer that gives an effortlessly even trim and doesn’t leave you to clean up after it? All you have to do is empty the vacuum’s chamber when you’re done. The Series 7200’s double-sharpened stainless steel blades trim faster than most, and work to lift and guide hairs along the way, allowing for the best precision trimming. It also happens to be a smart beard trimmer, in that it lets you select your desired length by using its “zoom wheel” and quickly view its battery life any time you want. It’s about time we got a trimmer for the 21st century!

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Wahl 5-star Cordless Magic Clip beard trimmer

Wahl Professional 8148 5-Star Series Cordless Magic Clip Cord / Cordless Clipper

If you’re not sure whether you want to commit to a trimmer with a cord or without one, Wahl Professional has you covered—as usual. This model can be used cordless for over 90 minutes, or used with a cord, depending on your needs. On top of that, its trademark stagger-tooth blade and taper lever are ideal for fading and blending. It’s also super lightweight and sleek, which means you won’t have any trouble with the design when you’re trying to get to all the little nooks and crannies.

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Panasonic Precision ERGB42K beard trimmer

Panasonic Men’s Precision Wet/Dry Beard and Hair Trimmer

This beginner-friendly precision trimmer from Panasonic is a go-to for both wet and dry grooming sessions. It comes with an electric dial that features 19 settings you can quickly adjust between to meet your personal requirements, as well as a comb attachment that lifts hairs to make sure you’re getting the cleanest cuts possible. The grip part of the trimmer is rubberized and ergonomic, making it comfortable and easy to control, even in the shower. It even comes with its own charging stand and is compact enough to take with you on your next trip. At around $88, this is both a great starter trimmer and long-term addition to your grooming kit.

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Andis Pro Slimline Cordless T-Blade beard trimmer

Andis Pro Slimline Cordless T-Blade Trimmer

This is another trimmer that comes with everything you need to achieve the perfect trim with one kit. It includes a charger stand, a portable wall charger, and multiple attachments. It even comes with a tube of blade oil to make the maintenance part of owning a trimmer easier on you! This T-Blade trimmer from Andis can last up to two hours without charging. No hassle—just an incredibly smooth trim. Is there anything better?

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