The Definitive Guide to the Best Watches for Men

Watches tell time. You knew that. What you also know is that is the least interesting thing about them. A watch is a wrist accoutrement that shows the world what makes you tick. But, you can’t simply throw on any timepiece. The best men’s watches have purpose. They can track your heart rate if you’re a fitness guy. They can explore the depths of the oceans with you if you’re a nouveau Jacques Cousteau. They can hold your music. They can hold your calls. They can do what they have to do to make others gasp with delight when they look at your wrist

This is the ultimate watch guide for you. Whether you are in the market for a WFH watch that will catch everyone’s eye on Zoom, an Apple Watch with a leather strap, or a Patek Philippe piece with water resistance that will make a baby penguin jealous, we will show you what you need.

Big Man on Campus: Are Watches the Ultimate Status Symbol?

What does it mean to wear a watch? They are the ultimate symbol of status because they elicit emotional reactions. They tell a story about you. They say, “I’m not trying to be noticed but if you happen to look my way, you’ll know exactly who I am.”

Watches promote exclusivity and craftsmanship. They’re handmade instead of designed by a rigid committee. They can be slick and masculine while also being demure. When someone looks at your iconic watch they know how many hours were spent moving each tiny component into place. With the surgical precision of Dr. Hawkeye Pierce, the watchmaker has ensured that every piece is where it needs to be.

In an era where smartphones are our go-to for telling time, it’s like having a tiny Mercedes strapped to your wrist. But, unlike a luxury vehicle, you don’t have to gas up your timepiece. Watches aren’t worn to show-off or show-up. They’re worn to express. They’re generational. Your grandfather wore one. Your father wore one. Now you’re wearing one. And in time, your son will wear one. For some men, watches are the only piece of jewelry they’ll own over the course of their life. Why not make it the most exquisite treasure you can wear with a suit, sweats, or sneakers?

Tick Tock: The World is Watching

When you see someone fiddling with their watch strap, you can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness. You want to reach out and say, “It doesn’t have to be this way.” The best watches fit. They don’t move but they breathe. They don’t constrict but they remain affixed to your wrist.

One-size-fits-all doesn’t apply to watches. What works on your wrist may not work on someone else’s which is why we created this guide. We love watches and our goal is to ensure you have everything you need to find the right timepiece. Whether you’re a collector looking to build your empire, or the future James Bond – we nominate John Boyega or Harry Styles – there are watches to be worn and we’ll help get your wrist in order.

Dressing for (Wrist) Success: The Best Men’s Watches

Your wrist can tell a story. The Omega Speedmaster says: I was on the moon. The Tag Heuer Monaco boasts: I like the rush. The Casio G-Shock declares: I am on the move. The Citizen Eco-Drive tells us: I am a superhero. No matter what your timepiece story is, we’re here to encourage you to tell it.